JohnDavids Group Limited began business operations as a petroleum marketing company in 1992. The organisation has experienced significant growth and is now an indigenous conglomerate with diverse business interests and operations in Petroleum Marketing, Construction, Dredging, Oil and Gas Engineering and Equipment Leasing.


JohnDavids Construction none

JohnDavids Construction is involved in the planning, design, construction, supervision and management of Civil engineering projects.

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HS Petroleum none

HS Petroleum sells bulk petroleum products out of vessels or Tank Farms to Major Oil Marketing Companies, Fuel Retailers, Oil Exploration and Service Companies, Major Contractors and other businesses.
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HSP Engineering none

Rendering mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, hydro testing services, AGO supplies among others. Our highly experienced  and motivated project management team posse’s vast level of experience in the Oil & Gas sector.
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JohnDavids Dredging none

We own newly-manufactured. 2007- and 2008-model dredges, equipment and accessories to deliver quality and reliable service to our customers. We own 4 new dredges, complete with Boosters, floating pipelines…
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Western Equipment none

For more than 10 years, Western Equipment has been supporting Nigerian construction industry by providing all classes of contractors with the most complete line of Heavy Equipment for both rental and purchase…
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